Dark Angel
By: Queen of Horror
Time to rest my darling
Close your sleepy eyes
Have your moment of calm
For the nightmare terrifies

Dream in your peaceful little world
Stay fast asleep and sound
For when the dark angel comes
Your body not to be found

Every culture has a boogey man
And I am the one that belongs to you
However there is no way to stop me
For Satan's work I must do

Heard of the seven deadly sins?
Well you've committed them all
And now the dark angel must come
On a rope from the ceiling you'll fall

Call me the reaper
But I'm an angel of death
For Satan I take your soul
As you take your final breath

Your sleep starts as peace
Until a nightmare is what you feel
Well, you think it's a nightmare
But it's just all too real

I come with great vengeance
Hiding in the shadows of your room
Once you sleep I come out
And you face your terrible doom

You commit deadly sins
We can't have that any more
I take over your body
And leave you hanging above the floor

Do yourself a favor
Don't commit a deadly sin
For I am the dark angel
And I'll bring out Hell from within