Curse of Chucky
Ratings: 1 skull

    Chucky is finally coming back, this time looking just a little bit different, and still in need of a body to transfer his soul into. Someway, somehow he ends up at a house where he ends up causing many problems for a girl in a wheelchair, and her niece. Who will he kill, and will he finally be able to transfer his soul out of the doll?
    Alright, this movie is lucky that I gave it even one skull. They really should have just stopped at the Seed of Chucky. One thing I hate about serial killer movies, especially when they're dead is that they always come back and it never makes any sense over half of the time how they came back and it was really just a horrible movie. Now the reason I'm not giving this a tombstone is because there was a little bit of suspense when people were about to die and the acting wasn't that bad. Other than that, it was really just horrible. For starters, it made no sense how he came back. Next, apparently the house he does come to somehow these people had some relation to the serial killer inside of Chucky, Charles Lee Ray. At least when they did the Bride of Chucky it made sense with Tiffany there and how Chucky came back. At the end of the movie Tiffany had a baby, which makes sense to how the Seed of Chucky came about. Now this movie, it doesn't make sense how these people before knew him and it looks like an add on movie just to make money, which is what it was. The story line was really stupid, it really just made no sense and really wasn't that interesting of a movie. If I could have I would've stopped watching it, but I didn't because clearly I had to review the movie.
    Now, another thing that doesn't make sense about this movie is not only Charles Lee Ray knowing this family and now wanting revenge on them, but when they show flashbacks on how the girl in the wheel chair is in it, it shows her mom pregnant with her and Charles Lee Ray there giving her flowers. Last time I checked, he was with Tiffany at the time, and he really doesn't seem like a cheater, but only a killer. This also makes no sense with him not killing this family, but trying to be a member of it. These people just really should have gotten their story straight before making this movie. If you go to watch this movie, it really won't be worth it. I really hate this movie and definitely do not want to watch it again. All the other Chucky movies I am okay with watching, but this one was just horrible and really needs to just burn.
    The only good things that I do have to say about this movie are the actors/actresses were decent at their roles, and I feel bad for them because they were in such a terrible movie. Another good thing I can say is when people had to be killed it definitely caught my attention. In this movie a lot of people died, first the mom, which is why the girl in the wheel chair had her sister and her niece come over. Then after that, the sister had a nanny and her death I liked. Well, the nanny and the sister had a thing going on (sister cheating on her husband) and she was on a video with the sister and she doesn't even notice Chucky there, but she has a laptop on her lap. Well Chucky takes a bucket of water and spills it on the ground where an outlet is, and the nanny basically gets electrocuted and I thought it was pretty cool. Other than that, I am not a fan of this movie and really wished that they would've stopped at the Seed of Chucky.
    For the record, if anyone does dare to watch it, for some it will definitely scare them, but for me it didn't scare me and I just really hated the movie. I strongly recommend just stopping at the Seed of Chucky and I promise you if you stop there, you will be okay. If you are a huge Chucky fan, trust me you don't want to watch this movie or it will just ruin it for you. If you need to after watching Seed of Chucky, just go find another horror series. You really don't need to watch this movie, it's just a waste of time as much as Chucky has of victims. Basically he has a lot of victims, and this has a lot of waste of time so don't watch it.