Conspiracies of the Ouija Board
Conspiracy Theory #1: Zozo and Mama are not evil spirits.

    In the world of the Ouija Board there is a lot of controversy on Zozo and Mama. For those of you who don't know, Zozo and Mama are believed to be the most evil spirits on the Ouija Board. Some believe they are demons, however they in fact are not because you cannot summon demons on the Ouija Board (for more information on this                         ). The conspiracy theory behind this that I came up with is that Zozo and Mama are in fact not spirits at all, but evil spirits pretending to be Zozo and Mama. Looking at the name Zozo and Mama, in order for a spirit to spell either one of these names it requires them to go backwards through the alphabet. By a spirit going backwards through the letters or numbers in the alphabet, it allows them to build up strength to be released from the board. Commonly when using a Ouija Board, Zozo will come first and Mama shortly after. By a spirit doing this, it will give them strength to escape the board. Now looking it at, are Zozo and Mama really evil spirits of the Ouija Board, or just non-existent as a whole?

Conspiracy Theory #2: The Ideomotor Effect

    For those of you who don't know, the Ideomotor effect is sciences way in logically trying to explain why the planchette moves on the Ouija Board. Basically with the Ideomotor effect, when you put your hands on the planchette, your subconscious mind is making you move the planchette without you even realizing it. The way that this is possible is because when we as humans are awake, we can't reach our subconscious minds. We can only really open the gateway to our subconscious minds in our sleep when we're dreaming. That being the case, if we strongly believe the Ouija Board will work, then our subconscious minds will move the planchette without realizing it. Yes, in some cases this may be true but is it always the case?

Here's some of the Conspiracy Theories of the Ouija Board! More will be added over time!
While we may look at things for the face values that they are, sometimes there's more behind things than there actually appears to be. This is definitely the case for the Ouija Board. Even though it appears to the Ouija Board what you see is what you get, that is not always the case and there are some very interesting conspiracies behind it.
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