Skulls: 4 skulls
    Her name is Christine. She was born in Detroit on an automobile assembly line. She's a red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury. But she isn't an ordinary automobile. Deep within her lives an unholy presence. Deep inside Christine lives an evil, indestructible vengeance that will destroy anyone in her way.
    I give this movie a four skull rating. Christine was originally a novel by Stephen King, so this movie is a Stephen King movie. I personally loved this movie. I was into it the whole time. The story line behind the movie was pretty good. I must say about Christine that this is definitely a different kind of horror. Usually in most horror films the things that are possessed are either a doll or a box. Having a car possessed and how this car can fix itself is definitely very unique. I must say for creativity of this movie it definitely deserves a good rating.
    This movie had very good suspense in it. I was very impressed by what this car did. Whenever someone messed with the car, it got angry. One thing I found awesome about how this car killed people is it hunted them down and commonly ran over them or into things. However, before anyone died the car would start playing the radio and then the person would die shortly after. I thought this was pretty cool. Watching this gave me a feel of excitement. All I could think when I heard the radio playing was, "ooh they're gonna die."
    I think the effects in this movie were pretty good considering the fact that the car was driving by itself and killing people. I also think how they did the music in this movie was pretty good as well. If I had a favorite part in this movie I think it would be the part where Christine is trying to kill someone who vandalized her and she was on fire while she was doing this. Of course the guy died and was burning after he died, but I thought that Christine being on fire was awesome.
    The beginning of this movie was definitely interesting and it had a good beginning. It was definitely a strange beginning to the movie. The ending of the movie also had a twist like most Stephen King movies do.
    Overall this was a fantastic movie; it definitely became one of my favorite Stephen King movies. I didn't get scared when I was watching this movie and I don't think most people who watch this movie will get scared, but it was definitely a very good movie. I would have to say it's definitely worth watching because of the suspense, creativity, story line, the fact that it's Stephen King, and it's also not a boring movie to watch.
    Now if I were you, I'd go read the book and watch the movie and hope my car wasn't possessed.