Ratings: 3 skulls
    Chucky is back once again, but this time Andy is all grown up. Sent to a boot camp with Chucky ending up there along with him, will Andy be able to survive once again?
    Alright, this is one of the Chucky movies I'm not a huge fan of. I have to give this movie a three skull rating, even though I wasn't a huge fan of it. Let me get one thing out the the way, it didn't scare me. I was nowhere near afraid of this movie. Not to mention I also wasn't all that into the movie or the story line. There was no huge plot twist or anything, and I wasn't glued to watching the movie. A few parts I laughed at, but I never got scared. I never had a moment where I was really hooked into the movie.
    The story line also wasn't that great either. First off, I don't like how they made Andy all grown up. If they would have kept him a kid then maybe the movie could have still been good like the last one or even better. I also don't like how he was at the boot camp. There was no good or legit explanation in why he was there. The story line was just stupid. There wasn't even an explanation in how Chucky came back to try and kill Andy! Instead, Chucky goes after some other kid. I just didn't really understand this story line and felt the movie could have been done WAY differently.
    Now, the acting was pretty good along with the effects and music. One part I will admit I liked is when at the boot camp they were having a "war" and were shooting paintballs at each other, but instead Chucky took out the paintballs and instead replaced them with actual bullets. Then, when the guys were shooting at each other, they were literally at war. I also liked when Chucky went to kill one guy and the man almost had a heart attack and Chucky said, "You gotta be fucking kidding me" so it was practically a waste of a kill.
Overall this movie wasn't scary or my favorite Chucky movie, but it wasn't terrible. Trust me I have seen far worse movies than this one. The kills in this movie wee pretty good and there were parts that I did find funny, it was just that I wasn't a huge fan of the story line and the movie didn't give me suspense. I also wasn't scared when I was watching the movie and this one certainly wasn't one of my favorites in the Chucky series at all, but I guess if you're debating whether you should watch it or not watch the first two and if you like them then go ahead and watch this one, but if you don't it's okay to skip it and go right to my personal favorite, The Bride of Chucky.

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