Children aren't so innocent
By: Queen of Horror

He's only a boy. She's only a little girl. That's what people want you to think about kids. That's what we assume about kids. They're all just too innocent for everything, right? Well wrong. Why don't I tell you a little story on how one boy and one girl seemed so innocent, but in reality were children of The Devil. The little boy had brown hair, pale skin, and green eyes. Innocent looking, right? Wrong! If you anger this boy, black horns come out of his head, his teeth become fangs, black claws grow on him, his eyes glow red, and he eats people. He's now locked away in a mental hospital in Virginia that I cannot name due to legal purposes. Let's just say, isolation isn't even strong enough for him.
That little girl with blonde hair in pigtails, blue eyes, fair skin, and just a smile of innocence isn't all that innocent. In reality, she murdered her entire family, killed an orphanage of kids in New Mexico, escaped four different mental asylums, and now she's running around the United States. Some say she's demon, others say she's just crazy. But we will never know the real truth behind it all.
Next time you have a child that does something bad, don't let them off so easily. Children may seem innocent but in reality they're all demons inside. Don't let that sweet look of innocence fool you.