Children all around
By: Queen of horror

Children, children all around
I'm hidden and waiting to be found
Find me, I might be under your bed
Or just a fear hidden inside your head

Come look for me
There's something I want to see
Let me watch you cry out in pain
I swear when I'm done you'll be insane

Children, children all around
I'm still hiding, waiting to be found
Hint! I'm in your room
Waiting to see your terrible doom

I'm the monster under your bed
I'm the fears inside your head
I'm the taker of your life
I'm the one with the bloody knife

Children, children all around
So close to finally being found
Your souls close for me to keep
I'll take it in your peaceful sleep

I love children with all my heart
Take their souls and tear them apart
I'll never let them be happy and free
Only scare them for all eternity

Children, children all around
I have now finally been found
You found me in the darkest seams
The worst fears you see in your dreams

You thought I was fake, no I'm real
That's why your soul was so easy to steal
Now I have your soul to keep
It's helped my evil grow more deep

Children, children all around
When you hear this, hope I am never found
Or I'll take your soul and you'll be drowned

Behave little children, do what you're told
Don't talk back and don't get a scold
Because if you do
I'll be waiting to get you