The Carolina Inn
Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
    In 1924, the Carolina Inn was built in order to accommodate people who were visiting the University of North Carolina (A.K.A UNC). John Sprunt Hill decided to build the Carolina in for people who frequently came to visit UNC because back in the 1920s there weren't many places for people to stay. Nowadays, the hotel is still running and many people have come to stay in it before. Some of the more famous visitors such as Andy Griffith, who was a young actor have stayed at the hotel before. Along with him, Dr. William Jacocks who was a physician also stayed at the Carolina Inn. However, it seems according to legend that Dr. William Jacocks never left.

    Dr. Jacocks died not at the Carolina Inn, but instead somewhere in Burke County. However, he really enjoyed his stays at the Carolina Inn and really enjoyed making visits to it. It is assumed that after he died, his spirit decided to return to the Carolina Inn to spend eternity. Dr. Jacocks isn't one of those paranormal ghosts with a vengeance, but instead he just likes to pull pranks on the other hotel guests. For example, his favorite prank is to lock other guests out of their rooms. Now, in 1996 the hotel did get renovations where the doors use cards instead of actual keys, but this still doesn't stop Dr. Jacocks from locking guests out of their rooms. People have actually had to use ladders to get into their rooms before due to Dr. Jacocks locking them out.

    Dr. Jacocks doesn't just lock guests out of their rooms (although this seems to be what he enjoys doing best) but he also moves objects around, along with opening and closing doors. Workers and even guests at the hotel actually don't mind him doing all of these weird paranormal things. They actually find it to be enjoyable and just think that Dr. Jacocks was a lover of life and wants to have just as much fun in his after life. Either way, the hotel is a good place to visit and Chapel Hill does have a lot of interesting history behind it.