Candy Man
    Candy Man, a very interesting urban legend all the way back into the 1800s. Now, this one I've never actually tried before, but I'll tell you the Candy Man ritual if you are interested. Anyways, here's the story of Candy Man:

    His original name was Daniel Robitaille and he worked on a plantation in New Orlands as a slave. Well, Daniel fell in love with a white girl and she loved him back. During this time period, it wasn't socially acceptable for blacks and whites to be together, so when the girl's father found out about this, he was enraged. To prevent Daniel from being with his daughter, he got the entire town to chase Candy Man down. When they chased him down, they cut off his right hand and shoved a hook into its place. After that, they covered him in honey. Then, they said Candy Man five times and after the fifth time, hundreds of bees came and stung Daniel to death. After he died, it had been said that if you said Candy Man five times in front of a mirror he would appear with a hook on his right hand, covered in blood, with bees, and with murder on his mind....

    Candy Man ritual:
        Stand in a dark room with only a few lit candles in front of a mirror. After that, say Candy Man five times and wait patiently for him to appear. If he appears, he will kill you.

    That is the legend of Candy Man and that is the ritual as well. Whether or not you want to believe this legend is up to you!
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