Ratings: 4 skulls
     Chucky comes back once again, but this time there's been a little twist. Tiffany, girl who lives in the trailer parks, was supposed to get married to her lover Chucky. But, when she resurrects him from the dead and finds out that he wasn't really going to marry her, things get ugly. Chucky murdering Tiffany and putting her into a doll, will these two serial killers be able to handle everything that happens?
    Alright, we all know how much I LOVE I love the Chucky movies, but this one by far is my favorite! I had to give this one four skulls! If this movie would've scared me, then I would've given the movie five skulls, but it didn't so I'm giving it four. The suspense in this movie was REALLY good! My eyes were literally glued to the screen and I just couldn't stop watching the movie. There are definitely some shocking twists that will either make you gasp or jump.
    Along with all of that, the story line of the movie was excellent. For once, a horror film that was part of a movie sequel actually made sense in how the serial killer came back to life. In this one, it made actual sense how Chucky came back to life and considering how this is the fourth movie out of the entire series, that's pretty impressive. In this movie, Chucky's girlfriend Tiffany performs a ritual to bring the Chucky doll back from the dead, which bringing the doll to life means the soul within it comes to life as well. Along with that, both of them being serial killer dolls worked out pretty good too. The plot of the movie was just really good and made a lot of sense and I really enjoyed it.
    The acting was good in the movie along with the effects that they did/used in the movie too. Now, I know I don't do this often but the music I loved in this movie. I don't mean necessarily the back ground music, but actual songs used in the movie. For instance, in the beginning of the movie when Tiffany got the Chucky doll they were playing Rob Zombie! I LOVE ROB ZOMBIE! My favorite Chucky movie mixed with a Rob Zombie song in it just makes this a perfect movie! Along with good music, I don't listen to them particularly but they also had Blondie song in the movie which was pretty good too. But when they used these songs they were just AMAZING!
    Overall this was an insanely awesome and excellent movie and absolutely my favorite in the entire Chucky series! I would definitely recommend this movie because it was AMAZING! Now, it didn't scare me, but still you just have to watch it because you will laugh and get REALLY into it and maybe even buy your own Chucky dolls like I did after watching this movie!

Bride of Chucky