Bloody Mary
    Real or fake, Bloody Mary is definitely one of the more popular urban legends. This is the one that we would hear as kids and we wouldn't sleep right at night. The first time I ever heard the legend of Bloody Mary, I was around eight years old and it definitely scared me half to death. I have also tried doing Bloody Mary in the bathroom, and it didn't work, but some people have claimed it worked. However, only you can decide whether or not you think she's real. Now, here's the legend:

    It happened in the 1600's. There was a women who went by the name of Mary. She lived in a small cottage in the center of the woods. Many of the townsfolk outside of the woods didn't bother to come to her house because she did witchcraft. It was also told that if they were to go to her cottage, their livestock would die. This was good enough reason to leave her alone.
    However, over time the children of the village began to disappear one by one. Families began to worry and many started keeping their children indoors. Many men went into the woods searching for the children, and a few brave men went to Mary's cottage and asked her if she had seen the children. She told them that she wasn't even aware of the disappearances, however, the men who went to her cottage did notice that Mary seemed to look younger. However, due to her saying she hadn't seen the children, the men left.
    One night, at around midnight, the miller's daughter got out of bed and walked out the front door of the house. Luckily, the miller saw his daughter walk out the front door and he began screaming for her to come back. Soon the rest of the adults in the town began running out of their houses and following her. The miller's daughter then began walking towards the woods where the towns folks saw Mary standing, holding a wand. Mary put the girl under a spell and was trying to lead her back to her cottage. Luckily, Mary took the girl out from her enchantment, and ran into the woods. A few men went in trying to chase after her, but they couldn't find her.
    A few days later, all of the towns folks grabbed pitchforks and torches and went to Mary's cottage. When they got there, they yanked her out of her cottage and dragged her into a field. When they got to the field, they burned her at the stake. While Mary was burning, she cursed the town saying anyone who chanted her name in front of a mirror three times would face her wrath.
    Along with that, the reason why she looked younger when the men went to ask her if she had seen the missing children was because she was bathing in the children's blood, which back then was told to preserve youth. That is how Mary got the nickname of Bloody Mary, and that is the legend.

    Now I'm not saying you should try Bloody Mary, but if you want to this is the ritual in how to do it. However, I have no idea if it will actually work and I've tried it before and it didn't work so if it works for you congratulations, and if it doesn't work I guess that just tells you she isn't real. Anyways, the ritual:
    What you will need:
    First go into your bathroom and lock the door. After that, light your candle. Once you light your candle shut of the light. Then, spin around in a circle and say Bloody Mary three times. After that, grab the candle and hold it up to the mirror. You should then see her and she should then kill you or drag you into the mirror.

    Now, there are many different versions of the legend of Bloody Mary and there are also different ways of performing the ritual, but this is just the most popular ways I've been told. (Please do not blame me if you try the ritual and it doesn't work because I am not the one who created it)
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