Black Sabbath
By: Queen of Horror
The darkest time
The most evil night
It's the Black Sabbath
And no one sees the light

When the sun goes down
All the witches gather
Ready for the Black Mass
For this the darkest hour

They come face to face
Dressed in all black
The time is now here
And there's no turning back

The "priest" at the alter
Rapes a girl who is pure
A part of their ritual
The worst coming for sure

A fire is lit
They gather eating black bread
For their mocking of Christ
And those soon to be dead

They take a live body
It's the common protocol
It's life about to be taken
For this satanic ritual

They take their pleasure and laugh
Blood pouring out red
After it's out they drink it
Crazy thoughts in their heads

When the mass is all over
They return back to their beds
Proud that it happened
Not caring for who's dead

And until the next gathering
They remain with their habits
Keeping their worship in secret
Until the next Black Sabbath
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