Black Eyed Kids
    The black eyed children urban legend. This is one of those legends where you don't have to do a ritual or anything like that, but definitely one of the legends that are a lot more creepy, and to me I think out of all of the urban legends that I've heard, this one ACTUALLY gave me the chills. That's definitely saying something because none of these urban legends really seemed believable to me or even gave me the chills, so you may want to read this one. Anyways, here's the legend:

    The story of the black eyed children is definitely one on a more mysterious side. It's not like Bloody Mary or Candy Man where there's an origin to the story; this one doesn't have an exact origin. The most known about the origin is that it came from a journalist in the 1990's saying he was confronted by Black Eyed Kids (BEK for short) or children with black eyes. After that there wasn't a whole lot said, and more and more stories about the BEK's began appearing all around. Is this legend real, or is it fake?
    Now, while their may be no exact origin, there is still a story on what the BEK's do. Apparently, they'll either come up to you in traffic when you're in your car, when you're in your parked car, or they'll come to your house late at night. The first thing they'll do is ask you something along the lines of whether they can use your phone or if you can give them a ride somewhere, or if they can come into your house. On top of that, they normally cover their eyes at first, so you won't immediately be able to tell if they're a BEK. Now, first they'll ask for something. NEVER HELP THEM. Tell them no. However, they'll get more demanding. If you say no, they may say something along the lines of, "Please, I need your help" and they may say it with a pleading voice. Still tell them no and try to get out of the situation whether it be by slamming your house door shut and locking it or by driving away.
    Another thing about the BEK's is that before you even see them, it's been said that you'll get the feeling of great dread and sadness and just a horrible feeling. Along with that, it has been said that the BEK's will put you in a sort of trance. For example, if they're standing at your front door asking to come into your house, and you tell them no and they keep begging and pleading, you may not even realize that you've slightly opened the door more or the fact that they're even closer to you than they were before, hoping you won't snap out of your trance and you'll let them in. It has been said commonly most people snap out of this trance last minute before they face their horrible doom. However, those ones who didn't snap out of the trance aren't around to say what happened.
    The final thing I am going to tell you about the BEK's is the most crucial thing about them; their eyes. People who have seen their eyes have said that their eyes were pitch black. No white, no pupil, no color except for blackness. Apparently, the BEK's will keep their eyes covered and will reveal them when you keep refusing them. Normally when they reveal their eyes, this causes people to snap out of their trance and escape the situation. However, for some this isn't always the case. Those black eyes are sometimes the last thing some people see.
    That's basically the story of the BEK's. Whatever you do, NEVER HELP THEM! Don't give in to what they want! Just tell them no and ignore them or call the cops and they will go away. They can't come into your home or car unless you give them permission (much like a vampire). Now, there's one more thing I think I should tell you. This has been something very common, but 99% of the people who have encountered the BEK's have heard the story of them before. It's very rare for someone to encounter them who haven't heard their stories, but even hearing the name, you're screwed.