Amityville Horror
    The name Amityville Horror is by far one of the most well-known murders in the United States. It took place in Amityville, New York on Wednesday November 13, 1974. At this time, the family living there was the Defeo family. They were a family of seven. The mother was Louise Defeo and the father was Ronald Defeo Sr. They had five children: Ronald Joseph "Butch" Defeo Jr, Marc Defeo, John Matthew Defeo, Dawn Defeo and Allison Defeo. On the fall night of November 13, the whole entire family was murdered. Well, all but one family member was murdered because the one family member who wasn't murdered, was the murderer. That family member who lived is Butch Defeo.
    On the night of November 13, Butch Defeo was awake in his house around 3 am with a 35 mm gun. With that gun, he used it to murder everyone in his entire family. After Butch murdered his entire family, eventually police came and they put Butch into custody. Now, trials went on for quite a while, and while they were going o, the Lutz family moved into the Amityville Horror House. When they moved in, there were many bizarre stories to be told.
    The Lutz family was a family of five: George Lutz, Kathleen Lutz, Daniel Lutz, Christopher Lutz and Missy Lutz. This family moved into the Amityville Horror House during the trials for Butch Defeo. The Lutz family told people that despite the catastrophe that occurred in the house, they had no problems with living inside of the house. When the family first moved in, they did bring in a priest to bless the house. As the priest was blessing the house, he went into the bedroom of Ronald and Louise Defeo and heard a voice that said "get out". The priest never told the Lutz family exactly what happened, but told them not to use that room as a bedroom. The Lutz family did listen to the advice of the priest and instead turned that room into a sewing room.
    Over time the Lutz family reported many more weird occurrences such as having random scents of cheap perfume throughout the house, black spots appearing on the toilets that couldn't be removed even with Clorox, daughter had random marks appearing on her that could not be explained, tons of flies appearing in rooms in the dead middle of winter, Mrs. Lutz started floating off of her bed one night, Mr. Lutz saw Mrs. Lutz turn into a 90-year old hag right before his eyes, the kids suddenly turned into brats, slime coming down the walls (which this one I definitely don't believe), and the one that was definitely over the top which was an upside down crucifix on the wall. Not to mention their daughter kept claiming to see a red-eyed pig named Jodie and she would talk to her a lot, and the family said to have seen two red eyes looking at them through the window one night. The family supposedly tried to cleanse the house again, but priests stayed clear of it and when they tried to cleans the house themselves they failed.
    After 28 of living in this house the Lutz family finally had enough and decided to move out. Afterwards books were written on their experiences and of course many horror films were made on their experiences as well and the family became very famous very fast. However, while the family claimed all of this stuff to be true there has been a lot of evidence to prove that the experiences of the Lutz family were nothing but hoaxes.
    For starters, during the time period that the Lutz family bought this house, Butch Defeo was still going through trials for the murders of his entire family. Butch's lawyer knew his client was guilty, but came up with the idea that if it looked like there was evil spirits in the house that could have had control over Butch then he wouldn't appear to be guilty. Butch even confirmed time later the Lutz family's stories was an entire hoax. Another huge piece of evidence is that four other families lived in the house after the Lutz family and none of them reported anything strange going on so it really goes to show the house isn't as haunted as it seems.
    Granted the Defeo family being murdered was not a hoax (and respect does go out to them for their unfortunate tragedy) but it is safe to say that the Lutz family and their experiences were nothing more than a hoax. Thinking over this whole experience though does bring questions to mind. What's really more horrifying: a family being murdered by one of their own, or a family taking a tragic horror story and making a huge hoax about it that fooled an entire nation?
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