Zozo & Mama
There are many stories about Zozo & Mama. For those of you who don't know, Zozo and Mama, they are negative entities of the Ouija Board that are there strictly for evil purposes, and nothing more. There are many different stories about Zozo and Mama, along with many different renditions in what they wish to do, but as Queen of Horror, I will tell you all that I know about them.
Fact #1: Zozo and Mama are the Same evil spirit.
    For starters, Zozo and Mama are the same evil spirit. Now, while that may seem a bit weird and slightly confusing, it actually makes a lot of sense when you really look at it. The first clue is look at the letters in both of the names. Obviously for you to know if the spirit is Zozo or Mama, it would have to spell its name out on the Ouija Board for you. One way for spirits to try and escape the board is by having the planchette move backwards through the letters or numbers on the board. Now, if you look back at the lettering for Zozo and Mama, while you may think one spirit appeared and then another right after, its really just a spirit trying to escape the board. To make this even simpler, for Zozo, the planchette would have to move from Z to O (except for N the whole entire bottom row backwards), and for Mama the planchette would have to move from M to A (that is literally the entire top row backwards). That is proving the fact that they are both just one spirit, but trying to appear as two in order to escape the Ouija Board.
Fact #2: Zozo and Mama are not demons.

    Another fact about Zozo and Mama that many people are not aware of is that they aren't demons. Yes, they both will appear to you as if they are demons but the Ouija Board can't summon demons, only spirits. Zozo and Mama act as if they are demons to put fear into their potential victims, but as a whole they are just evil spirits that you don't want around. Now, don't be fooled by the fact that they're just evil spirits; they can still bring you harm. However, the Ouija Board can't summon any demons on any level, so you don't need to worry about Zozo and Mama being demons or any demons coming after you as a whole.
Fact #3: Zozo and Mama are more vulnerable with girls.
Another fact about Zozo and Mama is that girls are more vulnerable to them doing anything to them. The reason for this is for starters with the Ouija Board as a whole girls are always more vulnerable to getting injured by the spirits or having harm done to them by the spirits. With Zozo and Mama this definitely applies as well. There is a myth on Zozo and Mama saying that it pries on females and possesses them, but again it is a myth, however there is a possibility that the myth could be real.

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