Urban Legends & Creepy Places
The stories that you were told as a child to make you go to sleep at night with fear. The places that you were told have some weird occurrences, but never dared to visit them. Are they real, or just myth? Queen of Horror is digging deep into places that no mortal should ever go, and she's looking to find the stories that will keep you up at night, and places that you may never want to see. Whether these things are real or just a myth, that's only for you to decide. All I say is, if they are real, and you do find out, I just hope you live to tell the tale....
Bloody Mary
Urban Legends:
Creepy Places:
Carolina Inn
Gimghoul Castle
Pennhurst Asylum
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Candy Man
Black Eyed Kids
Blue Baby
Pine Barrens
The Devil's Tramping Grounds
The Jersey Devil
Amityville Horror