Hollywood Horror Show
Skull Review: 2 skulls
    Located in Snow Camp, North Carolina is the Hollywood Horror Show. Owned by Hollywood special effects make up artists Dean Jones and Starr Jones, this haunted house has indoor and outdoor attractions, along with being able to meet the special effects make up artists. This haunted house is also the "scariest" haunted house in North Carolina. Luckily for you, Queen of Horror went to this haunted house, and I have all the information that you need to know.
    For starters, I give this haunted house only two skulls. For starters, this is no where near the scariest haunted house in North Carolina. Now, let me share how my experience went and why I don't recommend people going to it.
    When I first got to the sight of the haunted house, they were still getting ready, so I had to sit around and wait, but that was only because I got there early. After waiting, it was supposed to start at nine, but instead I had to wait an extra half hour and I was right in the front of the line. I did not enjoy having to wait that long especially when they took so long to start. Now, when I did finally get in to hear the rules of the place, that also wasn't the most enjoyable.
    They led me into a small room that was filled with nuns. The nuns were there to lead me through the haunted house. Now, nuns aren't all that scary, but what really bugged me was that they had an extra nun go with me who wasn't trained AT ALL and was just walking with the nuns that were leading me and any time she fell behind they made everyone stop to let her through and I found that to be very unprofessional.
    As I was going through the house, there was a lot of walking around, and it took to long for scares. When scares did come, they didn't even scare me. Everything was too expected and not a lot of unexpected things. The only thing that made me jump was when I was outside heading to the grave yard and I heard a rattling noise and it made me jump, but I was perfectly fine. Nothing scared me in that place.
    After I got out of the haunted house and grave yard, it says on the website you get to meet the Jones' brothers. Well, I didn't even get to meet them. I thought that was messed up especially when the website said I could meet them. After I left I felt a lot of disappointment and one person who went with me actually emailed the brothers saying how let down my group was by the experience, and they didn't even give a simple reply saying they were sorry or anything. Instead they simply ignored the email which was very rude.
    The only reason I didn't give this haunted house a tombstone was because they actually did a good job on the special effects make up, had decent price of only $20 to do it, the actors didn't fail at their jobs, and the effects in general were decent. Other than that, there was nothing good about the place.
    I say that the Hollywood Horror Show is not worth your time or money and you shouldn't go there. If you want to go to a haunted house in North Carolina that you can at least have an enjoyable time, I say go to Spooky Woods. It hits #5 on scariest haunted houses in the country. Granted it didn't scare me, but I did enjoy that experience. I just don't recommend the Hollywood Horror Show because all it has is special effects make up and without that these guys wouldn't be able to make any money off of it. This haunted house doesn't even hit the top 20 list of scariest, and Queen of Horror doesn't even think it scary, so is it really worth it to go?    
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