Ratings: 4 skulls

    I wanna play a game. Jigsaw returns once again, and this time the game is even more gory than it was before. He has many new and exciting challenges, but will anyone be able to survive them? Will they live or die? Make your choice. Let the games begin.
    Alright, I am a HUGE gore fan and I LOVE the Saw movies! This one is definitely getting four skulls and if it would've scared me, trust me it would've gotten five. Now, one thing that I have always loved about the Saw movies is that they've made a lot of them, but each one the story line still makes sense and it still works out well. In this movie, the story line definitely made sense. Basically in the beginning of the movie it picks up from the end of the last movie where Eric is trying to get out of the chain and he does. Then, it goes to a crime scene where the police are investigating another Jigsaw murder, but while they're doing that you see flashbacks of what actually happened, and let me tell you it was pretty gory. Then, shortly after one of the officers ends up in a trap and she ends up dead, but it was pretty cool. Then, the main plot line throughout the rest of the movie is there's this doctor and she has to keep Jigsaw alive for two hours while this other man goes through all of these stages where he has to choose whether people get to live or die. In order for this to be a real Saw movie, the end does have a plot twist and I honestly think this is one of the biggest plot twists that I have seen. I don't fully want to spoil it, but I will say this much: the women who has to keep Jigsaw alive and the man who has to go through the stages has some sort of relation. Along with that, there's an even bigger plot twist, but you should watch the movie to find that one out.
    This movie definitely had suspense! Saw movies always have suspense and this movie definitely had it! The whole entire movie I just could not stop watching it. One thing I will say about this movie is that if you're not a fan of gore, I wouldn't recommend watching this movie because this movie has A LOT of gore. Let's just say, there's a lot of 'twists' in this movie. If you have a weaker stomach, or do not like gore, I would say find a different movie, but if you love gore then this is a perfect movie for you!
    The acting was good, along with the effects and background music. My favorite part of this movie I would have to say is in the beginning when they're at the crime scene and they're showing flashbacks of the guy that died and how he died and I thought it was pretty awesome and gory showing how he died. Overall I say this is a fantastic movie that anyone who is a fan of gore should definitely see! Now, I would also recommend watching the first two before this one because if you don't watch these in order I promise you that you will be greatly confused. Now then, let the games begin.