Ratings: 2 skulls
      Running away to be with her lover, Marion manages to end up at Bates Motel. Norman Bates gives her a room and welcomes her in, and he seems like a nice guy. However, there's something inside of him that no one, not even Marion will be able to escape what lies within his twisted mind.
    I give this movie two skulls. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad movie. I personally love classic horror films. I actually enjoy watching black and white movies. For this one being a black and white movie it wasn't all that bad. The story line was pretty good, however it really confused me. Norman Bates is the psycho killer in the movie, and in the end when they explain why he murdered and about his past and what was going on, it confused me a lot and I don't like to be confused. But I think the movie did have a good twist to it when things were revealed about Norman Bates.
    Now, if you've never heard of "The Shower Scene" you probably don't want to see me in a dark alley or you may just be lying to yourself if you say you love horror. For those of you who have heard of "The Shower Scene", it's in this movie. This movie got famous for "The Shower Scene". Now don't get me wrong, before I watched this movie I was aware of "The Shower Scene." But it was disappointing to me when I finally saw it. I get this is an old movie, but I was expecting it to be a little bit more suspenseful and a bit more gory. I felt disappointed by the murder because it wasn't that gory and you also don't get to see the knife going into Marion before she dies. I personally love a good and gory murder and I love stabbings. But I felt it would be better if there was a bit more blood and if we could see the knife going into Marion.
    I found Norman Bates to be a really weird guy. For starters, he's a psycho. That's how the movie got its name. But I've seen way more psycho people than him before. In the end of the movie a man tells Marion's sister and lover that Norman Bates dresses up as his mom because he killed her and her boyfriend and he was sad afterwards and…it was just weird. I wouldn't quite say the guy is totally psycho but definitely weird and maybe he should get a brain examination. Like him killing people is really the only thing that makes him psycho. Other than that though, the other things I would just say he has MPD.
    One thing I want to say about the movie is I feel bad for Norman Bates. His mother favored her boyfriend over him and he must have felt so hurt. I don't blame him for killing them both. And after he killed them he must have felt so heartbroken because he killed his mother, the person who brought him into this world. It makes sense for him to try and dress like her and be like her so that he won't feel as much guilt. Overall I don't fully blame the guy for killing her and I actually feel kind of bad for him like that's a really bad experience to go through.
    Overall this movie was okay, but there's a slight chance it may go back into the grave.