Pennhurst Asylum
    It's located in Pennsylvania, Pennhurst first opened its doors in November of 1908. At first, Pennhurst was a school and hospital made for the mentally retarded and autistic people.  After a while, Pennhurst became a place for criminals, orphans, and even immigrants. The original name of Pennhurst was "Pennhurst Home for the Feeble Minded and Epileptic." After a while the name just changed to "Pennhurst State School." On its campus, Pennhurst had its own: greenhouse, barber shop, movie theater, auditorium, fire house, general store, recreational fields, and it even had its own cemetery. The towns around Pennhurst liked how Pennhurst was able to keep to itself and not get any towns involved. On the outside, people thought at first that Pennhurst was a good place to help those who needed the help. However, inside the walls of Pennhurst it was a living Hell.
    Over 10,000 patients went into Pennhurst. Very few got any of the help that they needed. Inside the walls of Pennhurst there was much abuse, rape, and even death. Many patients were chained down into giant metal cribs. Some patients would be isolated for days, and when they finally got out of isolation they wouldn't speak, and some didn't even want to live. Among the patients of Pennhurst, there was a lot of neglect. Some patients would harm themselves to make human contact. Along with that, the staff used cruel punishment. If a patient bit someone, the first time they would get reprimanded. However, if it happened a second time they would get all of their teeth ripped out. The staff also had to face much abuse from the patients, as well as the patients getting abuse from the staff.
    In 1968, Bill Baldini did a news report on Pennhurst and called it "Suffer the Little Children." This news story gave Pennhurst a lot of publicity, and it caused a massive lawsuit. In 1977, the school was found guilty of violating patients constitutional rights. By 1988, Pennhurst closed its doors for good. However, after Pennhurst closed, many people were thrown onto the streets and they became homeless. Along with that, many people went into the asylum and vandalized it by breaking glass, spray painting, and so much more. Now, this wouldn't be a ghost story if I didn't tell you about the paranormal activity.
    Pennhurst has been searched before for paranormal activity, and has even been featured on the show "Ghost Hunters." Many people have also reported paranormal activity such as hearing screams, cries, and even vomiting in empty rooms. Along with that, in the long narrow tunnel, it has been said that people have seen the spirit of a little girl. Are these accounts of paranormal activity true? If you go to Pennhurst asylum, you can go through the dark tunnel, and you can find out for yourself if the tales are true. Maybe what's died in that place, didn't stay dead...