Ouija Board Tips:
Before you I have provided tips that you can use while using a Ouija Board. These things aren't rules, just ideas of things that you can do, and even some safety precautions you may want to take, but these things aren't required. I will also put some little facts and things to be aware of!
Tip #1: Place something silver on the Ouija Board
    Placing something silver on the Ouija Board is a good way to keep the bad spirits away, and to attract the good spirits. As they always say, 'silver catches the light and repels the darkness'.
Tip #2: Put a salt circle around you

    This is a good way to keep the spirits from possibly going inside of you. Just in case you didn't know this, if you put salt around you, or in front of a doorway, it keeps spirits from coming towards you, so using it while doing a Ouija Board can be helpful to you.
Tip #3: Burn incense (I suggest Dragon's Blood)

    Burning incense is a good way to keep everyone calm, and it wards off evil spirits.
Tip #4: Don't have the lights on and use white candles

    Light is told to hurt the spirits, so keep the lights off and light candles around the board so that way you can see what is being said.
Tip #5: Keep the planchette on the board

    Removing the planchette from the board before saying goodbye is a way to release the spirit from the board. Taking it off is basically giving it permission to get out, so I suggest you keep it on the board.
Tip #6: If it's evil, let it go

    If a spirit starts spelling out words like 'demon' or 'devil' or 'hell', you should say goodbye. If you figure out what it's spelling before it even spells the whole word, say goodbye. When it spells words out like that, you know it's evil. Even if a spirit says to you that it is evil, the best thing to do is say goodbye. Continuing to talk to evil spirits can make things worse.
    If a spirit move the planchette into all four corners of the board or makes a figure 8 pattern, end the session because that means it is evil and is trying to escape.
    If you ever get a spirit by the name of 'Zozo' or 'Mama' end the session because these are both evil spirits with their names that take them backwards through the alphabet, and they will try to possess you.
Tip #7: Use the Ouija board in the evening

    Using the Ouija Board in the evening is the best time to use it because there will be less sunlight (whether you're outside or inside) and we all know the creepy things happen at night. However, if you do use it at night don't use it between 12:00 am and 3:00 am for the fact that these times are considered the "witching hour" and also 3:00 am is the most paranormal time for spirits. Even though it is the most paranormal time, this is also when more evil spirits tend to come out, so to be safe I suggest doing it in the evening.
Tip #8: Be respectful

    Even if the spirit is rude to you, be respectful. Thank the spirit for their time at the end of the session, and don't insult the spirit at all. Angering the spirits is definitely not a good thing to do. One extra little tip in here, if the spirits at all start saying curse words, end the session because that means they're evil and they most likely want to harm you.
Tip #9: Don't film

    Spirits tend to get angry when they're being filmed. It's fine if you wish to use a tape recorder to record things being said by the spirit, but spirits don't like it when they're being video taped. It's like if someone invites you to their house and they start recording you for no reason. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like that, and the spirits definitely don't like it.
Tip #10: Spirits don't have rules

    This is more of a fact, but also something very important to remember while using the Ouija Board. Always remember that while we have rules to follow, the spirits don't. For instance, just because you use the board and there's nothing moving the planchette, that doesn't mean there's nothing there with you. Also, spirits don't have to be honest with you; they will lie. I'm not saying all spirits will lie to you, but some will. Just remember that before you think a spirit somehow "cheated" because there's no rules for them. The only way you can cheat, is by you breaking the rules which is only cheating yourself.
Tip #11: You are living

    This is also more of a fact, but to me this is the most important thing to remember while using a Ouija Board. You're communicating with spirits. Yes, they can say freaky things and scare you, but always remember you are the living. The spirits envy the fact that you have something that they don't; life. Life is something that will over power a spirit. If a spirit starts getting angry, or they're evil, take control and move the planchette to goodbye. If you want to ever end a session and a spirit doesn't, move the planchette to goodbye. Never be afraid to take control. Now, don't just go angering the spirits because there will come a point where it can get out of your control. However, until a spirit tries to harm you and you're in physical danger, you're always the one in control. As long as you don't show fear and take control, you should be alright.
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