Ratings:    3 skulls

     Whatever you do…don't…fall…asleep. Freddy Krueger is a man who works in a boiler room. He's a child murderer. He was caught by the cops, but someone somehow got him out of jail and he became a free man. The parents of the kids he murdered were furious. They tracked him down until they found him in his boiler room and then they burned him alive. Now, he came back stronger. Coming into the dreams of the children whose parents murdered him. The down side to this is if you die in your dream, it's for real…
    I honestly love the Nightmare on Elm Streets and I did not give this movie three skulls because of that. I gave these movie three skulls because Nightmare on Elm Street presents a different kind of horror. It's not your usual serial killer horror where people are running and hiding yet the killer still somehow knows where to find them before they kill them. Nightmare on Elm Street presented something very different where instead (for those of you who are a bit more on the easily scared side) of wanting to close your eyes, hide under the covers and go to sleep, this movie makes you want to do the opposite. This movie goes into dreams; a place where most people find escapes and go on adventures they can't go on when they're awake. Wes Craven (creator of Nightmare on Elm Street) took a place that for most of us can be usually happy and full of life, he's now making it a place for someone to take over your dreams and create a nightmare. To make things worse about this nightmare, if you die in it it's for real.
    I honestly enjoy the creativity of how this movie is different from other serial killer movies. This movie did have some good gore. I enjoyed the blood and how he killed people the way he did. I also like how Johnny Depp was in this movie playing the role of Glenn, boyfriend to Nancy in this movie. This movie is also the first movie Johnny Depp has ever been in.
    The movie did have suspense in it which I liked. I will say it didn't quite make me jump but there is some jump scare that I think was done well. I also would like to say for the make-up that had to be done to make Robert Englund (guy who's Freddy) was done very well.
The movie also did keep me my interest. Now this movie is the first in a line of other movies that follow this one, but it wasn't a slow beginning. It definitely keeps interest.  One thing I must admit I thought was stupid was how these people run. They don't trip and fall like in most movies, but they run weird. I couldn't stop laughing at how bad they ran. I think a limping goat could run better than these people and their running.
    For a main review I think the movie was pretty good and I would recommend it for people to see. I wouldn't say you need to see this one before the other ones because I personally didn't, but I would still say to watch it because it's the original Nightmare on Elm Street.
    For an overall review on this movie I would say it's okay, but not scary.

Nightmare on Elm Street