The Jersey Devil
    The Jersey Devil is by far one of the most popular urban legends of New Jersey. Yes, it is the name of the hockey team in New Jersey, however, how did this legend turn out to be what it is today? Well, let's start with the origin of the story.

    While there are many different origins for this story, they all end in a very similar way. The first urban legend about the Jersey Devil is that there was a women by the name of Mother Leed who had twelve children. She became pregnant again and when she did she said "Let this child be the Devil himself." When it was time for her to have her child, she had the midwives come into her house and they delivered the baby. One version of this story ends with the baby coming out with the head of a goat and the other half of him as a horse. It is said then that he killed the midwives and his family before opening up his wings and escaping through the chimney. Another version of the story ends when the Jersey Devil came out he screeched very loud and then opened his wings and escaped through the chimney. Either ending of this story, he is now haunting the Pine Barrens.
    Another version of this story is that Mother Leed lived in a cabin and she was a whore. She had twelve children and was too poor to take care of all her children. Her children would often run around a lot and the town became responsible for watching her children. The towns people were definitely irritated by this and felt that they shouldn't be responsible for Mother Leeds children. They told Mother Leed that if she had one more children she and the rest of her children would have to move out of town. Mother Leed agreed to these terms. However, some time later people hadn't seen Mother Leed in a very long time. Most believed she got very sick, or even died. One day some of the towns people went to her cabin to see what was going on. When they found her, they clearly saw that Mother Leed was pregnant. She began begging the townspeople not to throw her out and kept telling them her child was the son of the Devil. The townspeople of course didn't believe her, but told her she could stay in her cabin until the baby was born. When the baby was finally born, it came out with the head of a goat and the bottom half of a horse, and it had wings as well. After it came out, it got up an flew up the chimney and to this day is said to haunt the Pine Barrens.
    Now, there are many other stories and origins on how the Jersey Devil came about, those above are just the more common stories that I have heard. While many people have reported sightings of the Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, it is up to you whether or not you want to believe it. You can find the Pine Barrens in Southern New on the Garden State Parkway from exit 82 all the way down to exit 13. One thing I can guarantee you that you will see is a lot of pine trees. Whether or not you see the Jersey Devil, well that's a different story...
    One more fun fact about the Pine Barrens is that mafias tend to bury people in there and on top of that it has been reported that people use the Pine Barrens for satanic rituals. If you don't come across anything evil with those things, then you definitely have the Jersey Devil to worry about...
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