Ratings: 4 skulls

    When a family moves into a new house, things seem to look bright. However, not long after moving in things begin to get strange. At first, the strange things are pushed to the side, but once the family's son Dalton goes into a coma and the weird things keep on happening, they decide to move on to a different house. However, the weird things continue to happen. What's the real reason for all of these causes? How insidious will things become?
    Alright, first time I tried watching this movie I was really tired so I thought it was stupid and didn't watch it again. After a while, I finally watched the whole thing through and I am giving this movie four skulls. This movie is definitely worth watching. I'm not even a huge fan of paranormal films, especially recent ones, and I loved this movie! The story line made sense actually made sense, I wasn't confused by it at all. Basically there's a family with three kids and one of the kids Dalton goes into a coma, but there's nothing wrong with him according to all of the tests taken. Eventually, the family digs deeper into it to find out that Dalton is able to astroproject (when he sleeps he can go to far away places that we can't in our physical bodies) and it got passed down to him by the father. The father can't remember anything about when he was able to astroproject because he got suppressed from it because an old women was trying to take over his body. Once the father finds this out, he has to astroproject again to go and find his son. In the end he manages to find his son, but there is a plot twist and I think you should watch the movie to find that out.
    One thing that this movie definitely has, is suspense. There is a lot of suspense in this movie and there are definitely jump scares as well. I will admit this movie did make me jump a few times. I was also insanely hooked into this movie. I didn't take my eyes off of the screen until the movie was over, and when it was I had to sit still for a few minutes to process everything that I watched. I would definitely watch this movie again, I really enjoyed it.   
    The acting was actually pretty good in the movie along with the effects. One thing that I don't talk about a lot with movies is the music, and this one I liked the music. In this movie, the song "By the Window" is in this movie, and I like the song. It's creepy with the movie, but I think it just made the movie even more perfect. I just love how the song added a creepy feel to the movie. I just love creepy songs with movies.
    Overall, this movie was really good. This movie didn't scare me, but for some people who do get easier scared, this movie will most likely scare you. I would definitely recommend watching this movie and you won't regret it. If this movie would have scared me afterwards, I would have given this five skulls. However, it didn't so I'm giving it four skulls, but this movie is still a good movie to go and watch. Just don't let the insidious happen to you.