The Devil's Tramping Grounds
Location: 10 miles south of Siler City, NC off on state road 1100
    One of the more popular haunted locations of North Carolina, the Devil's Tramping Grounds have been around for as long as the Native Americans and settlers themselves. To this day, it is very hard to find the grounds, but there are many interesting stories on how they got started.
    The origin of this story goes all the way back to the Native Americans that apparently used the grounds for their ceremonies of summoning the spirits. However, whatever it is that lies in this circle is far more sinister. For starters, the Devil's Tramping Grounds is a circle. The circle has a diameter of 40 inches and within that circle no grass ever grows.  The ground has been tested and the soil has been tested sterile, so this means that it is close to impossible for anything to grow in the circle. However, while science could potentially be right, there are some other weird occurrences that may suggest the Devil really does walk this circle.
    Many people have reported stories of trying to camp in the circle of the Devil's Tramping Grounds, but have failed to do so. They either have left out of fear, felt an uneasy feeling of great dread that caused them to leave the circle. and some have even reported leaving the circle because something pushed them forcefully out of it.
    The story goes that the Devil himself walks around the circle, stroking his beard. The reason people believe nothing grows in this circle is because of the Devil itself (hence giving the circle its name). It is said if you stand in the center of the circle you'll be ripped out of it by a powerful force before dusk (and if you're in it at night you'll be pulled forcefully out of the circle by dawn). It has also been said that if you bring any dogs near the circle they will begin whimpering and digging their feet into the ground, doing whatever they can to stay away from the circle.
    To this day it is really hard to find the circle, but it's not impossible to be found. Do you believe the Devil really haunts this circle, or is it just bad soil? Either way, that's for you to decide, and if you're brave enough, find out the truth for yourself.
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