Childs Play

Ratings: *

     Child's Play is a movie about a serial killer by the name of Charles Lee Ray who transfers his soul into a Good Guys doll by doing a voodoo ritual before the cops found him and killed him. Now the doll that contains Charles Lee Ray's soul is in the possession of a six year old boy by the name of Andy. The doll's name is Chucky, so that's the name Charles Lee Ray goes by. Now that he is owned by Andy he's trying to find a way out of the doll. There is one way, but it'll surely cost Andy his life….

    This movie is 1 out of 6 in the Chucky series. I personally rate this movie with one skull. Now the reason for me giving it this grade is for multiple reasons. The first reason is the movie honestly didn't scare me at all. I was not affected by it in any way where it was scarring or scary. Another reason for my one skull rating is it wasn't that gory. I do understand that not all horror films have to be gory, but this one I just felt should have had more gore or better gore. There also were very little killings in this movie. I know not all horror films need to have killing in them but when there's a serial killer in the movie the least you can do is kill about three people. It's boring when there isn't many kills. Another thing I wasn't a huge fan of was just the movie didn't keep my attention the whole time. It also didn't really give me much of any jump scare.
Now the movie wasn't completely horrible. There were a few things I liked in it. The movie didn't give me much suspense, however, there was one part that did give me the chills. 0.In one part of the movie Andy's mom is alone in their apartment with Chucky. Andy's mom picks up the box that Chucky was originally in. As she goes to throw the box away, something comes out of it. That something is packaged batteries that come with the doll. There's no batteries in Chucky, so how is he able to talk?
    The spoiler is now over.  Anyways, that one part did give me some chills for about a minute, but other than that the movie didn't scare me or really draw me into the movie. Now this is also the first movie in the series so I do understand a slow beginning to build up the story. I'm just saying for this one it didn't give me much of any scare, but it isn't a horrible movie. I would only recommend seeing it for the fact that there's five other movies after this one and you're probably going to want to see it to understand the other ones. This movie isn't a full serial killer movie. It has some background information where you need to see them in order.
    Overall review is that it isn't scary and it might as well buy a coffin.