Ratings: 3 skulls

    A young couple goes on a road trip when they find themselves stranded in Gatlin, Nebraska. They come across a mysterious religious sect of children. The odd thing is, nowhere in town are there any adults. As they learn about the secrets to the corn fields, they find themselves to now be in an absolutely horrifying situation.
    I gave these movie three skulls. I honestly love Stephen King and his movies are never a disappointment. This movie was good. I would recommend watching it. The main reason why I gave this one a three and a half skull rating is because it honestly didn't scare me at all. It made me jump once or twice, but I was never scared.
    I definitely was in suspense throughout the whole entire movie. I remember I had to go to the bathroom while I was watching it but I just couldn't stop. I sat in front of the screen trapped in the movie for the entire time. When it was over, I wanted to just replay the whole thing.
    This movie was definitely twisted. It's not even close to your average horror. Stephen King definitely had a different idea when he wrote the book. I honestly liked the suspense and just how different it was. It's a completely different kind of horror.
    This movie wasn't particularly gory, but it had some scenes that would definitely be disturbing for some people to watch. I know when I watched the first scene of the movie I had to pause the movie and just let it all sink in. These kids are definitely sick. They killed their parents. In the first scene, it was after church. Most of the adults were in a restaurant afterwards and some kids were in there looking a little bit suspicious to me. Then, one of them locks the door and people start coughing, and then the kids in there just start hacking people up. I had to pause the movie right after I saw that part and just let it all sink in. I remember just screaming, "OH MY GOD" and like crying and laughing because it just seemed so messed up. I still laugh at how messed up these kids were.
    I honestly have to say that the suspense was good, the effects were pretty good, and the movie also had me laughing in some parts of it. Sometimes when I watch horror films I naturally laugh at it. The movie was definitely interesting to me and I would recommend it to be watched.
    Overall it was a decent movie, but not scary.

Children of the Corn