Ratings: 1 skull
    What once was a children's ghost story comes to be a terrifying adventure when a graduate student does research into modern folklore which involves summoning spirits of the dead. Helen Lyle scoffs at superstition. But when she hears about Candy man, she has a new twist for her thesis. Trying to prove Candy man doesn't exist. Helen heads to the site of a brutal murder to call for him by saying his name five times. To her horror, he appears, and he begins his killing. The police don't believe in supernatural things, and Helen is charged with the grisly crime. Only one person is able to set her free: Candy man.
    Alright, this movie wasn't particularly my favorite movie. It wasn't bad, but I didn't particularly like the movie. It didn't scare me at all. I honestly was expecting to be scared to watch this movie because as a younger child I used to always fear doing Candy man. I was actually scared to watch this movie at first and I had a friend come over to watch it with me. As I was watching it I couldn't help but to laugh at the blood and killings and at the end stare at the movie in shock. The end had a twist and personally I liked it. I enjoy horror films with twists at the end because they always give me the chills. However, this one didn't. I figured it out before it happened and the movie seemed too predictable for me.
    One part I absolutely hated. I am an animal lover. I love animals and anything bad that happens to animals will make me cry. Well in this movie, there's a lady who has a Rottweiler. Well, Candy man decided to decapitate it. Blood was everywhere and the dog's body was missing. This made me cry. I absolutely love dogs and seeing that made me cry.
    Even though I gave this movie a low rating, it wasn't completely horrible. I enjoyed seeing the blood in the movie that's for starters. One thing about this movie is starting from the beginning it was on key with Candy man. Most movies usually have some sort of weird beginning that doesn't have much to do with the story line, but this movie did and I liked that about it. I also like how the main character Helen is looked at as a total psycho by everyone and she tries to deny it but it just makes her seem more psychotic and I just love it.
    I also like how Candy man can make it look like Helen did things that she really didn't do. I also like the two twists in the movie (cause usually movies seem to have one and at the very end that give me the chills) but in this movie the twists didn't give me the chills like other ones with twists. Instead one I was able to predict so it didn't surprise me and the other was just cool and confusing.
    Overall this movie may want to just buy a coffin, but a nice one cause it wasn't horrible I've seen worse.

Candy Man