Blue Baby
    The legend of Blue Baby. This one was definitely a fascinating one. This legend is a little bit different than the other ones for the fact that there's no long story about its origin. There is a little bit of an origin to it, but it's more a ritual of how to do it. Now, there are two rituals so if you try one and it doesn't work, then I would suggest trying the other ritual. If both don't work, well, I didn't create the rituals, I'm just telling them. Anyways, without further ado, here's the story and rituals of Blue Baby:
    The origin of this story goes is that Blue Baby had a psychotic mother and when he was born she shattered a mirror and stabbed him to death with a piece of the mirror. Some people believe that the psychotic mother is Bloody Mary, but this ritual is one very similar to Bloody Mary. Now, that's the origin of Blue Baby (I know, not a huge origin), but let's get into the rituals to perform Blue Baby.
    The first ritual is the most popular one that I've heard, and the most commonly used one. How you do this ritual is you go into the bathroom and you lock the door. After that, shut off the lights in the bathroom. Once you've done this, stand in front of the mirror and hold out your arms as if you're rocking a baby. Then, say 13 times in front of the mirror "Baby Blue, Blue Baby." You have to say it perfectly or else the ritual won't work. After you say the chant 13 times, you should feel an invisible weight in your arms; an invisible weight of a baby. When this happens, the baby will scratch your arms and the weight will begin to get heavier and heavier. You then have to take the baby and flush it down the toilet and run out of the bathroom. If you don't do this fast enough, the psychotic mother will appear in the mirror and scream, "I WANT MY BABY BACK!" After that, the mirror will shatter and she'll claw out your eyes.
    If that ritual doesn't work, this is the other one. What you do in this one is you go into a bathroom (with a friend) and you first make the mirror foggy. You can do this by either blowing on the mirror or making it steamy in the shower. After you make the mirror foggy, write Blue Baby on the mirror. At this point you should then shut off the lights and wait a minute or two. After that, both you and your friend should hold out your arms as if you are holding a baby and rock the baby. You should do this for about a minute or two, and after that you or your friend should feel an invisible weight. When this happens, whoever has the baby should begin to rock it back and forth. Do this for about a minute, and then pass it to the other person. If you drop the baby once, you will receive a scratch on your arm. Make sure to pick the baby back up. If you drop the baby again, you will receive another scratch on your arm. Don't leave the baby on the floor. If you drop the baby a third time, the last thing you will ever see is the mirror shatter.

    These are the rituals of Blue Baby and the small legend. The first one is the more popular one to do, so I suggest doing that one if you want to try this out. Now if this doesn't work, I'm sorry. However, if this does work, don't shatter the mirror.